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A Woman With A Rose / the secret theatre / lauren shields

A Woman With A Rose // July 14th - August 15th // The Secret Theatre // Click for: TICKETS
Sarah’s Rapture // August 16th - August 17th // Manhattan Repertory Theatre

A young patient is told to accept her prognosis: she will die, and she will die soon. She has other ideas.

Hannah is thrilled to perform in two iterations of Paul K. Smith’s new play, “A Woman With A Rose”. The first showing will have a month-long run at The Secret Theatre, before heading onto Manhattan Repertory Theatre on August 16th.


assassins / the secret theatre / lauren shields

May 2 - May 12th // Click for: BROADWAY WORLD PRESS RELEASE // Click for: TICKETS

Hannah is delighted to announce her upcoming production of Stephen Sondhiem’s Assassins at the Secret Theatre! She will be playing the wild and wonderful Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, surrounded by an incredible cast.


The Queens Courier: “"An extremely talented and mesmerizingly intense cast is directed by Lauren Shields. They eminently succeed in generating an unlikely combination of terror, paradox and humor...Wild-eyed Squeaky Fromme (Hannah Howzdy) and bumbling Sara Jane Moore (Leeanna Rubin) are extraordinarily well played." —Cliff Kasden

The Queens Chronicle:A beautifully played scene between Hannah Howzdy as a loopy Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme and Leeanna Rubin as unhinged Sara Jane Moore is another highlight, as the two women reminisce about their mutual acquaintance with Charles Manson, thought by Fromme to be the Messiah.” — Mark Lord

Assassins has been nominated for three NYIT Awards, including Best Production of a Musical.

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112 operator / jutsu games / worldwide release in 2020

The trailer is finally live for Hannah’s latest video game Voiceover project, 112 Operator! This fabulously reviewed game by Jutsu Games is the second to feature Hannah’s voice; she was delighted to be brought back for round two after recording material for 911 Operator’s DLC: Search and Rescue last Spring.

In 911 Operator, Hannah played a victim (who either lives or dies, depending on the player’s choices). This time around, she is one of the game’s core team members, answering phones from police headquarters.

Click here to check out the trailer.
Click here to check out material from 911 Operator.


welcome home concert / the triad theatre (OFF-BROADWAY)

April 18th, 2019 // Click for: BROADWAY WORLD PRESS RELEASE // Click for: TICKETS

Hannah is thrilled to join her Assassins cast member Tim Realbuto in concert at The Triad Theatre this April. Featuring hits from Broadway classics and recent film blockbusters, Tim and Hannah will also be singing their song “Unworthy of Your Love” to promote their upcoming production.


advanced industry workshop / one on one nyc

This month, Hannah steps into a rigorous two-week workshop at One on One NYC. Combining industry giants from the NYC film, theatre, and television scenes, the schedule boasts classes and showcase opportunities with 25 guests.

Hannah was so blessed to go through the program with such an insanely talented (and kind) group of actors. The two weeks culminated in a champagne toast (thank you, Ryan!) and a trip around the block to an underground bar. A lot of laughs were had, and a lot of nachos were consumed.

Click here to check out one of the scenes Hannah worked on with her hilarious co-star Kelsey (pictured above, twice)!

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bully / clubbed thumb / sarah blush

Internal showings December 7th - December 12th, 2019 // Clubbed Thumb @ Playwrights Horizons Downtown

Hannah begins workshop rehearsals this week for Amina Henry’s biting new play, Bully. Directed by Sarah Blush, it follows Hannah’s character Bree’s plot for revenge against the group of women who assaulted her… who also happen to be apart of her weekly aerobics class.


voiceover demos / chuck duran / recorded in los angeles

Hannah had an absolute blast recording both her Commercial and Animation voiceover demos today on the Digiland Studios Campus with the incredible Chuck Duran.

To check them out, or see more of Hannah’s Voiceover work, click here.

private boarding / andy scot // love conquers / sharon talbot

Hannah had the immense fortune of performing in two readings this month.

The first, Private Boarding, directed by Andy Scott, was presented in conjunction with the Equity Library Theatre of New York as part of their 20th Century Play Festival.

The second was the fabulous Sharon Talbot’s original drama, Love Conquers, performed at the Episcopal Actors’ Guild. Click for: Love Conquers’ BROADWAY WORLD PRESS RELEASE.


the uncertain / common games / available now ON STEAM

The Uncertain is an story-driven adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Is the whole truth being kept from you? …It definitely is, because even revealing the character Hannah plays is a major spoiler!

The Uncertain is available now on Steam.

Click here to watch the teaser trailer.
Click here to learn more about the fabulous developer team at Common Games.